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The SIPIC database makes it possible to design a dashboard of OMPIC's activities, which is a real reflection of the dynamism of the Moroccan economy.
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The number of registrations of industrial property titles has been in constant evolution for a few years now. It is also the case for creations of companies.

Here are some figures for year 2006:


  • 910 filings of requests and 699 registrations
  • including 571 coming from abroad, mainly the United States (23%) and France (15%)
  • coming mainly from the "medicine-hygiene" sectors (37%) and chemical industries (23%)


  • 7 345 filings of files giving rise to 16 344 classes of designated products and services (indeed, a trademark may designate several classes of products or services).
  • 297 requests for opposition on the new requests for registration of trademarks
  • the services sector (32%), the agribusiness sector (21%) and chemistry / health-beauty-fitness drugs (18%) are the sectors which file the biggest number of trademarks
  • 77% of the trade trademarks into 2006 are Moroccan. Concerning the foreign filings, the United States are largely topping the list.

Designs and industrial models:

  • 800 registrations
  • including 66% in the area of the Greater Casablanca, and 9% from abroad.
  • predominance of the textile/garment sectors (26%) and furnishing/home appliances (20%).

Company creation:

  • 44 024 negative certificates were issued for an intention of company creation.
  • 75% on behalf of companies compared to 25% for natural persons.
  • 33% in the services sector, 26% in trade, 20% in Construction & Public Works, and 20% in Industry.

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