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About DMI

A industrial design or model constitutes the ornamental or esthetic aspect of an object. It can be three-dimensional- it is then the form or the surface of the object- or two-dimensional, eg, a collection of lines or colors.

The industrial design or model refers to the visual aspect of a product, unlike the patent which refers to the technical or functional aspects. Industrial design or model constitutes the ornamental or esthetic aspect of your product and its packaging.

  • The design is a two-dimensional element: it describes a collection of lines or colors characterizing the esthetics of your product.
  • The model is a three-dimensional element; it describes any plastic form with or without lines or colors.
  • The industrial design or model has features of shape, configuration, esthetics or ornament.

The industrial property title can be granted on a design, a model, or a combination of both. It attributes the exclusive operating permit for a period of 5 years, renewable twice, for a maximum of 15 years.

The industrial design or model allows you to avoid copies. The property title on your industrial designs or model gives you exclusive exploitation rights, it also allows you to fight effectively against copying, and enhance your creativity concerning the aesthetic aspect of your products.

The industrial design or model makes your product original and attractive

  • Thanks to a new design of your product, you can conquer new market segment. And, certain colors will please more particularly women, when certain forms attract preferentially attract young people.
  • The design or model can help you make the difference in a competitive market, where the technical value of your product is not essential. The visual identification will allow you, then, to retain and gain the loyalty of your customers.
  • Think of involving your brand and design or model, and you will create a coherent image of your enterprise and your products, which reinforce your subjective relationships with your customers.

The appearance of our products is of a strategic importance. This creation sets you apart from the competition and seduces the consumer.

A trade issue

In presence of products with the same qualities, the consumer will choose the most aesthetic without hesitation. The aspect of your products represents an element of the capital of your enterprise:  it participates in its commercial success and is the fruit of your financial and human investments.  That it expresses the identity of an enterprise or its creative force, that it supports an innovation or simply allows to set apart from the competition, industrial design actively contributes to the success and sustainability of a product. It must be protected effectively.

Monopoly of exploitation

 Filing a design or a model, you obtain a monopoly of exploitation. You are the only one to be able to use and benefit from your creation. You can defend yourself vis-à-vis counterfeiters who reproduce or imitate it.