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Locarno Classification

What is the classification of LOCARNO ?

The Locarno classification is a classification destined for industrial designs and models. It is based on multilateral treaty administered by the WIPO, which was concluded in 1968 and is entitled Locarno Arrangement establishing an international classification for industrial designs and models.

Designs and models are classified into classes and subclasses representing products to which designs and models are incorporated.

What is the structure of the Locarno classification ?

The Locarno classification contains a list of 32 classes and 219 subclasses with explanatory notes, as well as an alphabetical list of products to which  industrial designs and models are incorporated, indicating the classes and subclasses to which they belong . This list includes some 6797 indications of different types of products.

What is the purpose of the Locarno classification ?

This classification helps facilitate priority searches to applicants. It also allows the power to group objects of the same type ( class and subclass ) to perform the filing of models and designs.

Versions in French and English from the Locarno classification can be found on the website of WIPO.

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