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Strategic Vision 2016-2020

As part of the strategic plan for the year 2016-2020, OMPIC strives to achieve its objectives while balancing between its various tasks, including :

  • Its sovereign mission vis-à-vis the legal framework of industrial and commercial property, whose main objective is the granting of industrial and commercial property titles for the protection of these rights in accordance with the legal system;
  • Its mission of accompanying corporates for a better use of industrial and commercial property through the promotion of the system and the tools it offers and the diffusion of information;
  • Its mission of public service which represents a guarantee of a service combining quality, transparency, balance and rigor, put at the disposal of both the users and the system of industrial and commercial property;
  • Its commercial mission that prompts OMPIC to always innovate, be attentive to the needs of its customers and develop added-value services.

The vision of industrial and commercial property strategy aims to «Position OMPIC as a key player in the promotion of creativity and innovation and be at the service of Morocco’s Emergence plan».

Download the strategic plan for the year 2016-2020 on the link