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The protection of industrial design or model is limited to country in which it was granted. That is to say, Morocco. However , the Hague arrangement, which is  treaty administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO, provides a procedure of international registration ; You can make a single international filing with  the OMPIC of Morocco and seek protection in as many countries parts of the arrangement as you wish, and this before the expiry of 6 months from the filing date  in Morocco.

You can renounce your rights to an industrial design or model. To do this, you send a request for renunciation to the OMPIC (form D5) , with a special power to renunciation.

You can protect your  industrial design or model thanks to the law 17/97 as amended and supplemented by Law 31/05 . In some cases you also benefit  from the protection of the 2-00 Law on copyrights and neighbouring.

You can make a priority search by consulting the Moroccan database of the OMPIC, or international database:

The research is based on keywords concerning the subject, or by codes of the Locarno classification. For more information;

An industrial design or model is registered for a period of 5 years, renewable twice, for a maximum of 15 years. You must apply for renewal within the 6 months previous to the end of validity.  However, you benefit from a grace period of 6 months after expiry of the validity of your industrial desigh or model.

Renewal runs from the expiry of the validity of registration.

A deadline of 3 months is granted to the applicant or his representative to regularize an application for industrial design or model. After the notification of the expiry of 3 months, another delay of twa months is granted to the applicant or his representative to complet the application, respecting Article 14.1 of the law 17/97 as amended and supplemented by law 31/05.

First five models  (<=5) : filing fee for 5 years or renewal for a further period of 5 years : 720 DH TTC

If the number of models is > 5 models, the fee is of : 720 DH + (the number of installment(s) of 5 designs or models beyond the first 5* 720 DH (TTC)

Check fees.

An application for registration of an industrial design or model contains:

  • an application for the form prescribed  by D1established by the OMPIC
  • graphic or photographic reproductions in triplicate,
  • a brief description in triplicate (where necessary) ;
  • the power of representative signed by the owner of the industrial design or model (where necessary, obligatory for corporations and non-residents)

The filing must be made in:

  • The Moroccan Office for Industrial and Commercial Property (OMPIC° in Casablanca
  • The 28 delegations of Trade and Industry

The appearance of your products is of strategic importance. This creation sets you apart from competitors and attracts the consumer. When an industrial design or model is protected, his owner has the exclusive right to operate and prohibit anyl unauthorized copying or imitation of the industrial design and model by third parties.