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The Moroccan intellectual and commercial property Academy (AMAPIC) was created in May 2012 by the Moroccan Industrial and Commercial Property Office (OMPIC) , to improve knowledge and develop skills of innovation actors, concerning intellectual and commercial property (PIC).


The AMAPIC develops trainings on economic, strategic, legal, managerial and procedural aspects of intellectual property. The principal tasks of the academy are:

  • Provide ongoing training modules, in-face and online, dedicate to  intellectual and commercial property;
  • Promote the strategic use of the PIC by innovation actors through the development of specific training modules;
  • Contribute to the diffusion of the culture of intellectual property among innovation actors through the organization of conferences and seminars dedicated to aspects of intellectual property; and
  • Develop programs of cooperation and partnership with foreign academies serving in the domain of intellectual and commercial property.


The AMAPIC offers the possibility to follow a training program in local room based near the OMPIC, and containing all the necessary resources and tools for a high-level training in intellectual property in accordance with international standards. These trainings are animated by national and international experts specialized in intellectual and commercial property.

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Presentiel training: The AMAPIC training offer contains also e-learning modules on the aspects of intellectual and commercial property.

13 e-Learning courses are available through the AMAPIC platform, accessible via its website. ( ;

For more information: send to the website of the AMAPIC:

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