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legal and financial databases

OMPIC puts legal and financial information at the economic operators' disposal, to enable them to make business intelligence and conduct economic and financial analyzes. It also allows an exploration of new markets

These databases are gradually enriched and available online via


  Financial databases Legal databases Rates in (DH HT)
Basic edition Net values of the major headings: Balance Sheet Assets, Liabilities and CPC Identification data of PPs / PMs. 100 000
Standard edition Net values of: Balance Sheet Assets, Liabilities Balance, CPC and the management account identification data of PPs / PMs + information (Activity and Address) 150 000
Advanced edition Standard Edition + Option (s)
Option 1: Extract from Table Distribution of Social Capital
Option 2: Extract data in Table Detail positions of the CPC.
Option 3: Extract data from columns and Gross Depreciation
and Provisions of the Balance Sheet Assets table.
Standard Edition + Option (s)
Option 1: File of Representatives of enterprises
Option 2 : File of the annual modificative registrations.
Option 3 : File of partners extracted from the table of Distribution of Social Capital
150 000 +
50,000 by chosen option+50.000 (option of access to the application

Advanced Edition price = amount of the standard edition + (number of selected option x 50 000, 00 DH) + amount of the option of access to the application

Update of the legal database: PP / PM

30% of the rate of the chosen legal database

Extracts of the financial or legal databases

By criteria:

  • Region
  • Industry,
  • Bracket of turnover,
  • Legal form

Rates of extracted financial or legal databases

Number of lines (enterprise) rate
[100-1 000[ 10% the amount of the selected edition
[1 000-10 000[ 30% the amount of the selected edition
[10 000-50 000[ 60% the amount of the selected edition
>=50 000 100% the amount of the selected edition

Rediffusion of financial and legal databases

  • Rediffusion
  • Limited Rediffusion

Rates for rediffusion in addition to the editing the selected database

  The amount of the rediffusion
Rediffusion 1.5 X the amount of the base of the selected edition
Limited rediffusion 1 X the amount of the selected edition