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Pre-diagnosis industrial property

The pre- diagnosis is suggested, by the OMPIC, to the innovative and commercial enterprises.

The goal is to help these companies choose a strategy of industrial property

adapted to their needs and their development prospects, by analyzing their

innovative potential and the competitive environment in which they operate.

This service, fully supported by the OMPIC, primarily addresses small and medium innovative companies and / or commercials who want to be introduced to the practice of industrial property.

How does the pre-diagnosis work?

OMPIC executives put their expertise for the benefit of enterprises services for half a day. This service takes place according to the following steps:

  • Presentation of the enterprise and its activities
  • Analysis of the entreprise environment
  • Highlighting risks and opportunities resulting from the Industrial Property
  • Personalized information on the domains and tools of industrial property (patents, brands, designs and models, contracts, licenses, purchases and sales of technology, privacy, confidentiality, etc).

After a meeting and a visit to the enterprise, the OMPIC will make a synthesis of information and render a report to the company with:

  • a diagnosis of the current state of the enterprise,
  • Propositions to enhance the creative and innovative potential through industrial property

To benefit from pre-diagnosis industrial property service, contact the OMPIC at 05 22 58 64 14, or by sending an email to

Click here to download the application of Industrial Property pre-diagnosis

Contact point at the OMPIC

Ms. Khassal Examiner Engineer
Invention Patent unit
Ms. Alaoui ISMAILI Examiner Engineer
Invention Patent unit,
Tel: 0522586414